General Usage

EXTFOX uses advanced cookies and sessions from your browser. Cookies help us to identify you, and to see from what purpose you are coming to our website. Cookies include your IP Address, your computer/phone name and your ISP provider.


EXTFOX provides 2(two) weeks of free support for a finished task. If during the 2(two) weeks period some problem appears, EXTFOX must provide a solution and than fix the problem. If, the problem is not related with EXTFOX’s work, the same will not be free, and it will be charged per a working hour. EXTFOX has right to keep and certify all payments per 5(five) business working days. With this, we have to verify if the payment is good. EXTFOX has variable working hours. In some cases, we are able to answer on your messages within 48 “working hours”.

Payments / Refunds

EXTFOX uses advanced payment methods. Once the final project/task price is defined, the Client must pay half the

  • EXTFOX has right not to upload the final project, in case the Client does not provide a full payment.
  • EXTFOX has right to use their own servers/products to upload all work. EXTFOX guarantees privacy from the same
  • EXTFOX has right to make refund or to reject any new or currently started project.
Licensing / Portfolio

EXTFOX does not have to license any software used within a work. With this, EXTFOX provides all the files included, like: .HTML, .CSS, .JS, .PHP, .PSD, .PSD, .PNG, .JPG The Client has right to decline their project to be included inside EXTFOX’s portfolio at


EXTFOX guarantees that the product delivered would be compatible with current software used by the Client. If the Client changes this, or adds some new theme/plugin from another vendor,makes an update or runs some new customizations by other developers/vendors EXTFOX is not responsible.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions or concerns about our Services or these Terms, you may contact us at:

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