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The Unity Platform is an integrated solution made to achieve our mission of providing everyone with the tools and resources needed to achieve true financial freedom. The core of this platform is the Unity Coin as our central utility within the Wallet, Gateway, and VIP membership.

What is the Unity Platform?

Unity is the company behind the Unity Platform. Watch this brief video introduction to learn the basics about our platform, and what benefits it provides that can help you on your path to financial freedom.

Unity Coin

Growth and Stability

The Unity Coin is a stablecoin pegged to a diversified index of crypto assets against a volatile market. Growth and stability come from automated diversification...all the while, national currencies are inflationary, and cryptocurrencies can be volatile. You can see real world historical valuation from Unity’s Alpha and Beta phases over the past 18 months. For a detailed table view, click below.

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Unity Wallet

The Unity Wallet is a blockchain based wallet supporting all major traditional and cryptocurrencies in one place. With assets stored securely on the decentralized blockchain, it provides extreme security and integrates with the rest of our platform. The Unity Coin is a native asset of the wallet for purchase or can be used as a currency.

Unity Gateway

The Unity Gateway facilitates the transfer of supported stablecoins between two different blockchains (such as Waves to Ethereum), and between blockchain and a partner service off the blockchain. This allows the Unity Coin to be used on any blockchain or integrated with a banking partner, credit card, or any other possible integrations.

Unity VIP

The Unity VIP is an automated membership program that unlocks many benefits such as a private discussion group, educational resources, discounts on partner services, and more as they become available. The membership is available to anyone who holds a minimum balance of $1,000 worth of UNITY and linked via our wallet.

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Unity is not for profit venture seeking to empower the world through crypto, blockchain, and decentralization.