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Unity was founded on the concept of Unity in Humanity. Our mission is not to work towards lambos, but more towards a better world for all. This means that every penny and satoshi earned by Unity will be going to vetted charities after business costs.

Our team has decades of dedication and experience in charitable works, but we are looking beyond this. Unity's goal is to get everyone off the sidelines and involved. This is accomplished by community voting on vetted charities, and making it easy to donate to the projects you want to support.

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Focus on Long-Term

Most of our team have been directly involved in helping the needy for decades. From local community work, to providing for destitute orphans, and even working directly in Rohingya refugee camps throughout Asia, we have a passion for improving lives. Through our experience, we have realized self-sustainability projects is what matters most.

We are focused on finding solutions that tackle the root problems of poverty. We can begin improving our world by figuring out what is needed to make a real impact on those in need, and not what we assume they need.

We Believe In

Finding solutions that tackle the root problems of poverty.

Our Global Community

Unity was founded from years of experience investing funds for nonprofits. From our experience in tech, investing, and trading as well as humanitarian ventures the idea of our platform to empower individuals around the globe was born with the focus on financial stability and freedom for all.

Our Global Team

We have team members around the world. While the Unity project started in 2018, our team has been working in related fields for decades. Unity is the culmination of all our experience and efforts to empower a global community to have the means to give back and work together. The co-founder of Unity, Ali, is pictured on the right. He has been directly involved in orphan and refugee efforts for over a decade throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.

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Unity is not for profit venture seeking to empower the world through crypto, blockchain, and decentralization.